Listings from Bas

You would think that these days it would be easy to sell your house for a hefty profit, yet there are snags here. That is why it is wise to engage Sales Broker Bas. We know the fickle housing market and the local brokers that buyers register with. Of course, we arrange everything for very favorable brokerage fees.

Negotiation is an art that we have mastered to perfection after years of experience. To begin, we determine a good asking price by performing a free valuation. In doing so, we also look at what other houses in the neighborhood are yielding. But selling a home involves more than just the selling price. For example, the timing of the transfer or the possible dissolution of the purchase if financing does not materialize must also be negotiated. How do we do that?

Buying and selling homes is something we do every day. Our experienced sales agents are happy to take all the hassle off your hands. That way, you can be sure you won’t overlook any fine print in the preliminary purchase agreement. Important because misjudging contractual agreements can have nasty legal consequences. Our experienced sales agents will clearly explain to you what to look out for and thus avoid missteps.